Program To Find Grade of Student in C++ Using IF…ELSE Statement

Program Logic:

This Program is made to find grade of student in C++.  User is required to input marks obtained and then program gives him a grade according to his marks. The grading scale is shown below:

Marks                                         Grade

90——-100                                     A+

80——-89                                       A

70——-79                                        B

60——-69                                        C

50——-59                                        D

00——-49                                        F

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Code To Find Grade of Student in C++:

Code Explanation:

First we declared a variable named marks to take input from user.

After receiving input,  this variable is tested using IF…ELSE statement.

Because we want to check number between two ranges, So we used And operator ( && ) to combine the conditions.

The true block of a particular executes only if both conditions are true. For example if user inputs number 98 then first IF block becomes true because this number is greater than 90 and less then 100. So Program will print “Your Grade is A+.” without quotations.

If marks are greater than 100 then program will print error message saying “Invalid input.”.

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Program Output:

Program to Find Grade of Student in C++

I hope now you can write C++ program to calculate grade of student using IF…ELSE statement.

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