Student Management System Project in C++

Download C++ source code of Student Information system Project Title: Student Management System Project in C++

Developed Under: Dev C++ 5.11

Data Structure: Binary Search Tree

Object Oriented Programming: Yes

The use of computer is emerging in every field of life. Nearly a computer simulation of every physical phenomena is prepared. In the past, it was hard to keep the record of students. Now a days, computer programs are developed which stores the records and processes them efficiently.

This project is also one of them and it is developed in C++ programming language.

The special thing about this Student Management System Project is that it uses Binary Search Tree (BST) data structure. You can read more about this data structure by Clicking Here.

The main functions of this project are:

  1. A user can add records of students in the program.
  2. User can delete a specific student from data set.
  3. Program can display the record of all students in two ways i.e ascending & descending.
  4. User can search through all records.
  5. User can find the depth of node on which record is present.

To download the C++ code of Student Management System, Click on the link given above.

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The main purpose of uploading the projects on this website is that students can get knowledge from it.

Screenshots of  C++ Student Management System Project:

Log in screen of Student Management System Project

Main menu of Student Management System Project C++

Display Student Management System Project C++

Search C++ Student Management System Project

Depth of Node Search C++

Features of C++ Project:

The main features of this program are:


This program has a login system which asks the user to enter Username and Password.If the login credentials entered by user are incorrect the he will not be able to access the program. The default values required to login are:

Usernme = ammar

Password = 12345

Time & Date Function:

A time calculating function is included in this program. This function calculates the current time and date and prints it on the screen.

Data Sorting:

Program can show data in both ascending and descending order for the ease of access. Now it takes the roll number as a key and sorts data around it. You can also change it to CGPA.

BST Data Structure:

BST stands for Binary Search Tree. The main reason behind using this data structure is fast access. When data is being organized, a programmer’s highest priority is to organize it in such a way that item insertion, deletion, and lookups (searches) are fast. For example, If we want to find a specific student in an unsorted array then we have to traverse the whole array which is very time consuming. We can use BST which reduces the access time for a specific record. The time complexity of BST is O(log2n).

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Total no. of records:

This program also tells the total number of students present in the list. Basically one node of BST contains the record of one student. So, this program counts the total no. of nodes which is also the total no. of students. Program also tells the depth of a specific node.


The interface of this student management system program is designed using good sense of background and foreground color.

About Developer:Developer: Ammar Ahmed

Originally this program is written by my friend, Ammar Ahmed. He is a tech geek who loves to write about technology and programming. He is studying Computer Science in University of Gujrat. He shared this project to help other students. This School Mangement System project is one of best projects made by him.

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