C++ Project | Student Management System using Linked List

Download source code of C++ Student Management System Project

Project Title: Student Management System Project in C++

Developed Under: Dev C++ 5.11

Data Structure: Linked List

Object Oriented Programming: Yes

This C++ project is developed to manage the record of students in a school. This project stores the information of students and displays them to the user. It also allows to search, edit or delete a student from list.

This project is not another array-based program. Rather, It is developed using Linked List data structure. To learn more about Linked list, Click Here.

You can download the source code of this C++ Student Management System by clicking on the link given above.

The main purpose of uploading the projects on this website is that students can get better understanding of syntax and functions using projects.

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Screenshots of Student Management System:

Main menu of C++ Student Management System Project

Input data in School Management System Project C++

Display in Student Management System Project C++

Searching in Student Management System


The main functions of this project are:

  1. A user can add records of students in the program.
  2. User can delete a specific student from list.
  3. Program can display the record of all students.
  4. User can search through all records.
  5. User can edit a specific record.

Features of C++ Project:

The main features of this program are:

OOP-based Program:

OOP stands for Object Oriented Programming. This program has basic building blocks of OOP like classes, constructors, member functions etc. In fact, programs written using OOP contains much more flexibility and security than other programs.

Linked List Data Structure:

This program uses pointers to organize and process data in list, called Linked List. In Linked List, memory can be dynamically allocated and released using pointers. The main advntage of this program is that it uses Linked List instead of array to store data. In array, insertion and deletion become time consuming because these operations require data movement. Also the size of array is fixed during execution, new items can be added only if there is room. These limitations of array are avoided using Linked list.


The interface of this program is blended with some eye-catching graphics. These graphics make the interface of program beautiful.

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Data Validation:

For every management system, data validation is absolutely necessary. This project comes with function that validates data. For example, a function stops the user to enter integers in a string which was declared to store the name of student.

This was all about student management system project in C++.

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