Address Book Project in C++ with Source Code

Download source code of address book project in C++Project Title: Address Book Project in C++ 

Developed Under: Dev C++ 5.11

Data Structure: Linked List

Object Oriented Programming: Yes

An address book is used to maintain the records of your acquaintances.  This project is an electronic way of storing your contacts. User can use this program to store his contacts, search through them and make a list of special friends.

This contact book program uses Linked List to store information of contacts. If you don’t know about Linked List then you can Read Here.

Students are advised to completely study the code of this program before copying it into their systems. By reading the code of project, they can make many projects on their own. This is the real purpose behind sharing of this project.

The main functions of this program are:

  1. A user can enter record of new acquaintances.
  2. User can delete the a record from list.
  3. User can view the list of all contacts.
  4. User can search through all the contacts.
  5. User can make a list of special friends.

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Screenshots of Address Book Project:

main menu of Address Book Project in C++

input of Address Book Project
Favorites List in C++ Contact Book Project

 C++ Address Book Project | Display Function



Features of C++ Address Book Project:

The main features of this program are:


A user can make a list of his favorite people. This feature allows the user to insert a contact in this list, delete a contact from this list and see all the contacts present in the list. This list is very necessary when we have a large number of contacts in the book. We put our mostly used contacts in Favorites list and access them quickly.

Linked List Data Structure:

The main advantage of this program is that it uses Linked List instead of array to store data. In array, insertion and deletion become time consuming because these operations require data movement. Also the size of array is fixed during execution, new items can be added only if there is room. These limitations of array are overcomed by Linked list. Pointers are used to organize and process data in Linked List. In Linked List, memory can be dynamically allocated and released using pointers.

In this program, One node of Linked List  contains the next pointer  and all the variables to store data of a single contact like name, address,  phone number etc.

OOP-based Program:

This program is based on the concepts of OOP in C++. OOP stands for Object Oriented Programming. This program has basic building blocks of OOP like classes, constructors, member functions etc which make this program flexible and secure.

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Data Validation:

Data validation is the process of ensuring that a program operates on correct data. This program is packed with some functions that prohibits the user to input wrong data.


The interface of this program is introduced with different color schemes. You can see from screenshots that different colors are assigned to different sections of program. Also, borders are added around the data which make the program beautiful.

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