Airline Ticket Reservation System Project in C++

Project Title: Airline Ticket Reservation System in C++Download Airline Ticket Reservation in C++

Developed Under: Dev C++ 5.1

Data Structure: Queue

Object Oriented Programming: Yes

As technology is being evolved, computer is used in every field of life. Now a days, computer has its use in almost all the fields of life. From Engineers to Doctors, Students, Teachers, Government Organization they all use computers to perform specific tasks.

This airline management system project serves the purpose of reserving air-ticket from home. The main functions of this program are:

  1. A user can reserve a seat in the flight.
  2. Program has a schedule of all the flights.
  3. User can view the passengers filtering the flights.
  4. A ticket is generated for the passenger.

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Basically It is uploaded on this website to help the students who are learning C++ as a course. Its code can be a huge help for those students.

Screenshots of Project:

main menu of airline ticket reservation system using C++

flights schedule of airline ticket reservation project using C++

details of passengers in airline ticket reservation system in C++

output of airline ticket reservation project in C++

Airline Ticket Reservation Project Features:

This airline reservation program has many features at coding level which can be very helpful for students. The main features of this program are:

OOP-based Program:

This program is based on the concepts of OOP in C++. OOP stands for Object Oriented Programming. In fact programs written using OOP contains much more flexibility than other programs. This program has basic building blocks of OOP like classes, constructors, member function etc.

Queue Data Structure:

As we know that air-ticket reservation system is modeled on the First In First Out principle i.e. Queue data structure. The example of Queue data structure in real life is the queue of customers in a bank. The customer who comes first is first served by the teller. And the customer standing at the end of line is served after serving all the customers. Same is the case with this program, the customer who comes first gets seat first in the air-plane.

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Data Validation:

This program also has the feature to validate the data.  Data validation is the process of ensuring that a program operates on correct data. This program is packed with some functions that prohibits the user to input wrong data.


The interface of this program is blended with some eye-catching graphics. These graphics make the interface of program beautiful.

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